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I see Lester Young came up in a different thread.  How many records from the
30s and 40s use the first eight from "Lester Leaps In?"  How many before
"Lester Leaps In" was first played?  Then there's the question of the first
12 bars of "Hideaway."
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> I can't tell if you guys are serious or not about ~who
> owns the Juke riff~. I know Winslow knows that it's a
> really old Jazz riff that is the heart of many a tune.
> It was a basic horn line in 20 songs before Walter
> used it- but, fact is, LW probably gets credit for
> trying to imitate hornlines more than anyone; AND,
> around that time at least 10 people had a ~boogie~
> that began, or used, that harmonica riff in the song.
> I've heard boogie-woogie tunes [~I'm Ready~ is a good
> example] which uses the riff as a guitar/piano/or horn
> hook or theme. As far as that goes, Big Bands used the
> riff all the time. Also, if you imagine the riff,
> without the last note, you'll realize that its in a
> billion [half a billion]songs.
> Again. If I missed the early part of the thread/joke,
> please ignore.

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