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<< This is a reply to two posts.  Iceman brings up inspirational non-harp 
 Others have asked about Eva Cassidy.  For me, Eva was an inspirational 
 and a phenomenal talent whoes life was cut short by skin cancer.  She was on 
 the brink of being discoverd by more than the usual Washington DC following. 
 She actually achieved considerable post-humous fame in England when Songbird 
 went to #1.  Her CD "The Other Side" with Chuck Brown was inspirational from 
 couple of stand points. >>

there are several posthumous releases of cassidy's work (i was introduced by 
my father-in-law, who lives in bethesda, md, right in the dc area).  live at 
blues alley was the only one she planned and lived to see.  there's also time 
after time, eva by heart, imagine (from just last year), as well as the from 
the other side that larry mentioned.  songbird is a compilation, and is a fine 
i think of her simply as a singer.  she found good songs with strong 
melodies.  she seemed to not worry to much about genre.  the live album includes stuff 
like "stormy monday" (a song i usually hate by anyone other than t-bone 
walker), stuff by sting, irving berlin, al green, and pete seeger.  
harp content...mark wenner of the nighthawks is thanked on one cd.

steven j gatorman

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