=A0=A0 There are so many different tube manufacturers out there; past and pr=
; such as Telefunken, Mullards, Phillips, RCA, Amperex, Groove Tubes and a=20
host of others. On occasion; I have heard a few people expressing their=20
preferences for a certain brand, etc.,
=A0=A0 My question is: Do you think that it matters that much; or do you hav=
e a=20
manufacture's preference? Any reason why? I'm not thinking tube swaps, etc.;=
just wondering what people think about certain brands etc. I just thought I'=
tap in to the 'brain trust' here and ask. I guess if you can't play; it does=
matter much.=20
=A0=A0=A0 I like the [What's In Your CD Player] question; it gives me names=20=
people I have not yet heard and may want to check out. gh
    What's in MY CD Player?
1. Rich Mullins - Here in America (last release ~ previously unreleased=20
material) (calms my soul)
2. Sittin' in With the Greats
3. Sonny Terry - Whoopin' w/ Johnny Winter & Willie Dixon
4. Sonny Boy Williamson - His Best
5. Jason Ricci - Down at the Juke

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