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> The "What's in My CD Player" post generated a lot of fun responses.
> As a serious student and harmonica educator, I am fascinated by those 
> non-harmonica CD's that generate inspiration and ideas.
> Because I love linear playing, my inspiration has been Miles Davis and Chet 
> Baker. The way they they shape individual tones and craft lines over even 
> blues changes is an ever present source of musical wealth to me.
> In particular, the Miles release I used as my "What's in your CD player" 
> post and the wonderful live recording from Chet Baker "The Last Great Concert, 
> Vol I & II".
> The Iceman 

Inspirational non-harmonica CD's?:

1. Bach- Mass in B Minor: the pinnacle of excellence and creativity in music 
resides in Johann Sebastain Bach. His Mass in B Minor is one of his finest, 
and underated works. This along with his Cello suites are required listening for 
ALL musicians.

2. John Coltrane- A Love Supreme: A beautiful piece of music written by John 
Coltrane for God. Brilliant, deeply moving expression from the heart of a 
genius who died way too soon. Coltrane's phrasing and ideas are nearly endless and 
a lifetime listening to this record will not do it justice. 

3. Jimi Hendrix- Electric Ladyland: The best rock album ever made, Hendrix 
displays artistic creativity unmatched in his era by making an entire of album 
of stunning and totally original music. Also proves that you can develop 
creative, artistic music in the genre of popular music without compromising your 
vision. IMHO this is the standard by which all rock albums should be measured. 


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