Re: diatonic handedness

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> I am trying to train myself to hold the mic with my right hand cause my
> wedding ring on my left keeps rubbing the mic and making noise.
> Anyone else have trouble with this? The ring will NOT fit on my right
> hand!
> Vince Cheney

Without knowing the type of mic you use here are  a few suggestions:
* Take the ring off when playing amp'd
* Get a suitable necklace and wear the ring around your neck during gigs &
* Adhere something the area  of the mic shell that you ring usually connects
with.  eg. Fabric tape.
* Encase the shell in black foam except for the grill
* Only ever play acoustically
* Give up harmonica and take up guitar and serenade your wife with it, saying in
your undying love you'd even give up harmonica rather than give up your ring.


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