What is in Your CD Player?

I can't let this thread go by without chiming in.

1.  Eight Bold Souls - Last Option.  No harp but great
music that is edgy and soulful.
2.  William Clarke - Groove Time.  His chrom work
ticles me to death.
3.  George Harmonica Smith Bootleg of live
performances and the LA radio interview.  I JUST LOVE
4.  Howard Levy/Anthony Molinaro.  Unbelieveable
playing by both of these cats.  Howard Levy - what is
up with this guy? I bash my head on the dashboard when
I play this in my car.
5.  Elmore James compilation - My nomination for best
electric blues tune - "13 Year Old Boy."
6.  Maktub - Seattle nuevo Funk band.  Alec, if you
dig Tower of Power, you will dig Maktub.
7.  Rasahn Roland Kirk and Al Hibbler - Meeting of the
Giants (I think that is what its called)- Wild
incredible head shaking crazy stuff.
8. Carla Bley Live album.  Some of the most insane
ensemble playing you will ever hear.  Check out
Carla's trombone player - he plays a gospel tune that
will rip your heart out, baby.


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