On the CD spinner

As of lately, these have been given a ride:
Johnny Winter w/Pat Ramsey (amazing what he was blowing at such a young
age-thanks Stephen S)
Collard Greens and Gravy--Ian Collard is a tone monkey---period..Can't go a
week without hearing it.
RJ Mischo's Meet Me On The Coast--one of the finest players alive and
stylist deluxe.
Gary Primich's Doghouse Music--Ditto Ditto (too short, though).
Rod Piazza's Tone Cool Best of--Bunch of fine, fine early Piazza up through
his latest, must have for fans.
Fabulous Thunderbirds Extended Versions--Live stuff with Kid Ramos on board,
not enough of Kim's blowing but it rocks serious-like.
Lee McBee's Soul Deep--The man just might be the finest white blues singer
alive and yeah he can blow the reeds out of it.
Allman Brothers Hittin' The Note--Just for old times sake because they
pulled me deeper into the blues in '70 and by golly they are still cooking
with THE finest white guy blues singer and Derek Trucks smoking on guitar
(they could use a harp player, though).

See ya--

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