One lick does not a Juke make.

winslow replied to my observations on snooky pryor's "snooky and moody's
boogie" ( 1948) as compared to little walter's immortal "Juke" (1952):

"One lick does not a Juke make."

of course winslow is succint and instructive as always....however......that
"one lick"  does make essentially the entire first verse on snooky's song 4
years earlier, just as that "one lick" makes up the majority of the entire
first verse of "Juke" ...that first verse that Little Walter lifted clearly
sets up the entire "jam" that is Juke . after the first verse any similarity
is absent.  the virtuosity of "Juke" is not in question...not for a
second...only the originality.     listen to "snooky and moody's boogie" and
judge for yourself . the first verse of Juke was played on the harmonica by
snooky prior on "snooky and moody's boogie"  four years earlier than little
walter's recording of Juke.


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