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Hi Michelle,

Nice rundown on the Muddy collection!

- --- Michelle LeFree <mlefree@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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> So everybody, I am digging this thread, but I'd
> like to know more about
> ~why~ y'all picked the CD's you did.

Okay, earlier I posted three CD's... basically
because they're here with me a the office today -
where I can listen to them on headphones as I
"work" :-)

Here's the "why"...

* Inspiration - a compilation from JJ Milteau.
This single CD covers more harmonica ground than
anything I've ever heard. Absolute harp ~gems~ from
masters of disparate styles of play... everything
from delta blues to smooth jazz to Brazilian to
Irish to country to corny and back again. A real
eye-opener for anyone interested in what these
little babies are capable of in the hands of

* Tip of the Top - William Clarke
These are re-issues of some of Clarke's earlier
recordings. I especially love his "Tribute to
George Smith" which features a spoken introduction
by Mr. Clarke and then in the song he delivers a
truly massive, ungodly ~tone~ on his beating
chromatic. Unbelievable. The other track I keep
going back to is "Blowin'the Family Jewels" which
is an kick-ass and very jazzy jump instrumental
where he uses 3rd position to truly Awesome effect.
He's using his harp more like a sax, going lick for
lick with the lead guitar. Great stuff.

* Classic Blues - Smithsonian Folkways recordings.
This is a Very nice mix of fine old, Old blues
recordings featuring amazing performances by the
likes of: Sonny Terry Brownie McGhee, Big Bill
Broozny, Memphis Slim, Vera Hall, K.C. Douglas,
Roosevelt Sykes, Lead Belly, Etta Baker, Son House,
Champion Jack Dupree, Big Joe Williams, Reverend
Gary Davis, Willie Dixon, Lightnin' Hopkins, Josh
White, Henry Townsend, Honeyboy Edwards, Elizebeth
Cotton, Lonnie Johnson and The Chambers Brothers
(w. Jimmy Reed). Execllent fidelity... excellent
music. Just plain good. Nuf said.

Stay well!
- --Ken M 

"When you speak of Walter Horton, the first thing you think of is his tone, that big, fat tone."
- ---Li'l Ronnie Owens

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