Re: What's in your CD player?

Home: pretty even rotation between Steve Guyger's Past Life Blues and disk 2 
disk of the Little Walter 4CD boxed set at the mo'.

Work: Again evenly split between:
Dexter Shaw & The Wolftones - Feet Full O' Corn(Vampirella) - Glorious lo-fi 
feel to it, superb blues with its roots in 50's Chicago. Jeremiah Marques' 
voice is knockout, great harp courtesey of West Weston and Roberto Pizarelli. Can 
rarely get through a day without spinning this one.

Gary Smith - Blues for Mr B. This is tone!

Pete G & Magnitones - Custom Built . Of particular interest to amplified 
blues harp fans will be Pete G's tributes to Little Walter & George Smith as well 
as his own "Big Man Blues". Unfortunately I'm not aware of anywhere you can 
hear a sample or purchase outside the UK, e-mail Pete @ petegwelland@xxxxxxx for 

Mike Sanchez - Blue Boy. Little harp interest (cameos by Ricky Cool) but 
wonderfully executed rock'n'roll from one of the most charismatic performers 
you'll see. The guy's a vocal chameleon.

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