RE: RE: what's in your CD player, revisited

Hey Hashbrown, the song is " Big Noise from Winnetka " I believe it's an old
Crosby brothers tune and was pretty much a drum and bass tune with the
melody being whistled. I got to play bass harmonica on it and they
arrangement was pretty cool. Jerl

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<<Paul Harrington is a Tx. boy who coquiblues@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx played with
about everyone in the

Texas circuit and has a style of Norton Buffalo. Played for many years and

decided to lay one down for himself. >>

I have heard cuts off this CD, pretty darn good! There is one instrumental
on it, which is a a really cool thing, not all traditional(jerl, what is the
name of it?). paul also played at Dollywood in Nashville for a while, a
good player
and good man. Not a traditional blues player, but some cool ideas. I would
say he has Paul Butterfield, Norton Buffalo and alot of country in his bag.

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