Re: what's in your CD player

this week I have been listening these ones, until today:

Maria Wolfsberger - Die Neue Mundharmonika. This one with classical music
just relaxed for a while...
Luis Saltos - Armonica en la noche de buenos Aires. Tango, Folk, Jazz from
Argentina, just delicious.
Toots Thielemans - Ne me quitte pas. Maybe this version of All Blues is my
favorite next to M. Davis.
Buddy Greene - So Far. I´ve rceived some Greene´s Cd this week, and just
listening all morning.
Mat Waltklate - Harmonica & Flute. I am finding the nice way of Irish music
Max De Aloe - Racconti Controvento. Jazz, jazz and just jazz form Italy, and
searching his web page for ordering his new CD.
Diana Krall - Live in Paris. No comment...

And the CD player from my car nothing special, but very interesting, Sherman
Robertson-Going Back Home, Texas blues from a fantastic guitar player and
Ximo Tevar-Goes Blues, a local Jazz guitar player from the sound school of
George Benson.
Next week will be interesting too, I hope to receive new Olivier Ker Ourio.


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