re: was outage, now state of the list

What do you want from a list-information or entertainment? 

Here's a partial list of things I've learned about on the list: 

2 new embrochures
opening the jaw for tone
3rd position
5th position
how to build a Dorian Mode diatonic harp
advice on buying my first chromatic
The new Hering diatonics
Kim Wilson
Little Charlie
Brendan Power 

I could go on. I've got 30 years of harp playing and two years of reading 
the list has made big improvements in my tone and my techniques.If I wanted 
to know about overblowing, I can't think of a better place to start my 
research. Just today I got a tip on blow bends while tongue blocking. 

For a list to work, you have to ask questions and post your discoveries. 

Rainbow Jimmy 

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