RE: What's In My CD Player....

Both Rob and Alec mentioned having "Standing in the Shadows of Motown",
featuring Detroit's Funk Brothers, in their DVD players. Same goes for
me. Now comes the harmonica reference, for those not aware, Funk Brother
Joe Messina is an incredible jazz chromatic artist who took up harmonica
in 1980, released his first CD in 1993, and sounds like he had been
playing forever! Musician/guitarist that he is, he applied his theory to
the harmonica, much as did Toots, and in those 13 years totally mastered
the instrument! His harmonica of choice is the CBH2016 (take note, Rob
Bonfiglio ;)). He has also written books for Jamey Aebersold!
Check it out at: 
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Danny Wilson - Santa Clarita, CA
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