RE: What's in your CD player

The new Rod Piazza Master anthology on Tone-Cool is currently in heavy 
rotation on mine.  Two CDs taken from 1968-2002,  including alot of 
out-of-print stuff pulled from most of the labels he's recorded for as 
leader and/or  producer/sideman (Bluesway,the Murray Brothers stuff, 
etc).  Hip bonus is the enhanced CD features, a live video of Rod doing 
his typical playing-through-the-crowd routine with a wireless, from a 
live show a few years back.  You can see the two Harp Kings amps on 
stage, which are probably better appreciated at an outdoor show like 
this one as opposed to a small or medium-sized club! Also a great slide 
show of old photos.  This really raises the bar as far as reissue 
anthologies, I'd say and Tone-Cool should be acknowledged for the great 
job.  Incidentally, I got mine direct from their site and it was 
autographed by Rod. 

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