Re: audio to wav...minimal harp

You may have one already if you have a cd burning drive.  Check the software
that came with the drive and see if it will record directly from the sound
card. Feurio, a shareware program with an unlimited trial period--$29 to
buy--will do it.  I actually registered my copy after a one year (very
intensive <g>) trial.  Exact Audio Copy, a freeware app
( might work for you.

You may find that your sound card adds some noise to the audio, especially
if you have sound on the motherboard or your system came with a budget card.
If you know someone who has a cd burner stereo component, you can also use

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> can anyone recommend a decent program that will convert audio (such as a
> cassette tape) into a .wav file?  doesn't need to be top of the line (ie
can be a
> free download...although most of those come woth spy-ware and the like),
> i'm more than willing to pay for it.
> pseudo harp content...this is to put my band's demo tape onto cd.  we did
> with two mics into a power-mixer onto two tracks of an old tascam four
> recorder.  one mic was for the drums, bass, and guitar, the other for my
> and harp.  the harp went through my princeton, which sat by my feet (so it
> wasn't close micced at all), and i was surprised at how well the harp
> and to be honest, at how good it sounded tone wise.
> steven j gatorman
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