RE: audio to wav...minimal harp

A lot of CD burning software packages come with simple
wav editors that will do the trick. For instance, my
version of Adaptec Easy CD Creator that came with my
burner included "Spin Doctor", which works quite well
for converting reocrds or tapes to CDs.

If you want to "Master" your CD, though, I highly
recommend CoolEdit. You can do smooth fades, hard
limiting, remove tape hiss, eq, etc. I use Cooledit Pro
2.0, which is a fantastic program - pricey, though.
Still, a lot cheaper than a "real" 128 track digital


On Wed, 28 May 2003 07:19:56 -0400, "adams, john" wrote:

> You can download a trial version of Cool Edit 2000
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> can anyone recommend a decent program that will
> audio (such as a 
> cassette tape) into a .wav file?  

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