Chromatically tuned diatonics

   Hi List,
I am have succeeded in making chromatically tuned harps. They are ten 
hole diatonics that I tuned into a chromatic scale. Here it is for a "C 

C   D  E F# Ab Bb C  D  E  F#
Db EbF G   A   B  Db Eb F G   

I haven't even replaced any of the reeds! (and the highest ones are 
brought down an octave and a half) It is easier to make them from a 
lower tuned harp (i.e. from a regular C to a chrom starting at E). But, 
I even was able to tune a Bb to a "Bb chromatic". Anyway, I wanted to 
let you folks know about it. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly 
appreciated. Has anyone done this before?
Brian Pellerin

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