audio to wav...minimal harp

can anyone recommend a decent program that will convert audio (such as a 
cassette tape) into a .wav file?  doesn't need to be top of the line (ie can be a 
free download...although most of those come woth spy-ware and the like), but 
i'm more than willing to pay for it.
pseudo harp content...this is to put my band's demo tape onto cd.  we did it 
with two mics into a power-mixer onto two tracks of an old tascam four track 
recorder.  one mic was for the drums, bass, and guitar, the other for my vocals 
and harp.  the harp went through my princeton, which sat by my feet (so it 
wasn't close micced at all), and i was surprised at how well the harp recorded, 
and to be honest, at how good it sounded tone wise.  

steven j gatorman

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