Re: What's in your CD player?

Some people give usefull side info about why they like a particular cd - 
some just mention a name.
If only the latter would say (about eg Eva something, Paul Harrington and 
some more) what style/harp or whatever it is - maybe more people who don't 
know these artists would check out that cd too.

In my player:
- -Baboucar Traoré - no harp - just the sweetest acoustic guitar and vocal 
from Mali, Africa. Very reminiscent of the blues.
- -Rosa Eskenazi - no harp - Greek blues from the 30's and 40's - a lot of the 
lyrics are on the subject of prison, drinking, dope and ofcourse a tough 
love life.
- -Chick Corea's 'Spain' - playing along on an A harp.
- -Aebersold's Bossa Nova play along.


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