Re: whats in my cd player

In my CD player, nada...
   On my computer, which is where I do my listening, the top five rotation 
right now is Nina Simone/Essential; Allison Moorer (any of her 3); Wailin' Wood 
(trying to learn some bluegrass); Eva Cassidy (Songbird) and Jelly Roll 
Johnson (and a few close friends), which I dug out after Jelly explained a lick at 
Buckeye and now I'm listening to it again.

   On a related note... I got back from Buckeye and my life immediately 
kicked into frantic mode. But last Thursday, I managed to sneak out to hear some 
friends in a blues band. They got me up and I played a couple and it went well.. 
Enough so that the bass player, who was sitting in for the first time, asked 
who I play with and a musician in the audience who is putting together a CD 
asked me to do some recording.   Now, that really floats my boat. I blame it all 
on Alec Drachman and Tom Albanese, who were so encouraging at Buckeye. 
Stuff happens, sometimes it's good.

Steve "Moandabluz" Webb
still a fool for the harp

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