Re: What's in your CD player?

What's in my CD player?

1. Walter Horton- Compilation: I made this from assorted tracks I ripped to 
Mp3 and 
    put it on CD. On it is some rare sides, and bootlegs. Horton in just 
about any  
    medium stands up, particularly his Johnny Young, Johnny Shines material. 
2. T-Model Ford- Bad Man: This CD is killer, stompin' old school dirty blues 
    the way its supposed to be played. This CD is so good it hurts. 
3. Little Walter- Hate To See You Go: If you do not own this CD, get it! Most 
of these 
    cuts are on the Essential Little Walter ,but a couple are not ( like 
Nobody But 
    You). A great compilation, and goodbye to a legend.
4. Elmore James- Slide Legend: Another comiplation of my own making which 
    continues to have tracks added to it. One of the best blues singers, and 
    guitarists bar none! If you don't own any Elmore James, sell your Shaker 
mic and 
    get some.
5.  Chicago/The Blues/ Today!- Compilation: The 1965 yearbook of Chicago 
     that illustrates the dedication of many of Chicago's finest blues 
     Johnny Shines, Johnny Young with Walter Horton on Volume 3 of the 
     is required listening for every harmonica player today period! Horton's 
work is 
     nearly unmatched on this CD, and shows how great tone doesn't come from 
    "break up." Volume 1 has Junior Wells paying tribute to Rice Miller, and 
Volume 2 
     has James Cotton tearing up on about 4 songs. Well worth the money, this 

     compilation will do more for your playing than most instructionals.  


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