Re: What's in your CD player?

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Let's the car I have a jazz mp3 disk right now with several =
albums on it. Today it played the end of a Don Pullen and George Adams =
album and started into Abou-Kahlil's "Sultans Picnic", featuring Howard =
Levy. I saved it for tomorrow though, after listening to the first cut,  =
and switched to radio (NPR) and played harp to the store and back. I =
love to play along with talk radio. Today it was the "new bill the =
governor signed without reading  and was now getting allot of flack for =
because of all the problems in the language of it blues", in F. Lucky I =
had my Bb Lee Oskar in my pocket. When I got home from work tonight I =
was cooking dinner while listening to Inspiration: 22 Great Harmonica =
Performances...listened to it 10 or so times now and still can't figure =
out how Stevie gets those plucking sounds in Alfie.

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