Re: Coming to Chicago

Try Harlem Avenue Lounge.  They got a Thurs nite jam.  Parking is not good but you can park across the street at the White Hen which is a convenience store.  Also you can try the Illinois Entertainer Magazine.  They got a website as well.  In addition, try Eddie The Chief Clearwater's Reservations Blues.  Good club.  Hope this helps.

"david j. brown" <nonidesign@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
check the "Chicago Reader". It's Chicago's equivalent of NYC's "Village
Voice". If you go to the Reader's website and hunt around you will find
listings for blues clubs, some with scheduled open stages. Since they aren't
making the house a lot of $ they tend to be early in the week. Mondays and
Tuesdays seem to have most open stages.

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> Subject: Coming to Chicago
> I'll be visiting Chicago July 23-26. Could anyone recommend a decent open mic
> venue? Is there a local music free paper with club listings? Is there a
> local 
> Blues Society? Any info would help. Thanks
> Best Regards to All,
> Larry Boy Pratt
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