Diatonic handedness question

I am left handed and play numbers up holding left, just like the Hohner
instructions said. 

Jim R
> Date: Sun, 25 May 2003 10:30:37 -0700
> From: fjm <2738540@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Diatonic handedness question
> I just yesterday was talking to a 15 yr old friend who has been bitten
> by the harmonica bug.  She's right handed but is learning to play
> holding in her right low notes on the left or numbers up.  Her teacher
> plays the same way.  Coincidentally this is how I play.  I don't think
> I've ever met anyone else who does this.  Every other left handed person
> I've ever met plays flipped, numbers down.  Is there anyone else on the
> list that employs this grip?  Personally if I had it to do over I think
> I would have either played flipped which is how I started out or
> switched to righthanded, holding left cupping right. fjm

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