Re: What's in your CD player?

Good thread to get goin' HB........!

My 5 CD Player:

Randy Newman - "Guilty 30 years" Disc 1,2,3 (my fav songwriter)
Howard Levy's Summit CD ......(How come my 'Stormy Monday' solos don't sound
like this??,-)
Sunny Girl - "Mother Earth it's tyme to tune up".......(Yeah!!!! get down
Little Girl!!!..great stuff!)

In my Tape Deck:
The Hudson River Rats Live at "Le Bar Bat"  NYC with  spec. guest Joe Sample
(I'm transferring this to CD!)

On My Turntable:
LOVE - "Forever Changes".....(a masterpiece from the 6o's!!!) Arthur Lee
could use a few Harp Lessons,-))

In My Car CD:
The Thunderbirds -"Roll of the Dice"

In my mp3:ano
Van Morrison, Ray Charles & The Band (Last Waltz) rehearsal; "Too-rah
loo-rah lur-ah"
(What a soulful-ass Irish Lullabye!!!!)

In my DVD:
Standing in the Shadows of Motown (Those Funk Brothers Rule!)

In my VCR:
Dr. John's "Homespun" New Orleans Piano...instr video...I just learned

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> <<Hi All,
>           Since some folks seem to be lamenting the "lost days" of
> harp-l, I thought maybe a round of innocuous fun in the form of "what's
> in your CD player" might be in order.>>
> Howlin' Wolf- The memphis recordings
> grant green- Born to be Blue
> Papa Lightfoot and Sammy Myers- blues harmonica wizards
> sun records- 25 more blues classics
> take it,
> HB
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