What's in your CD player?

   Hi All,
          Since some folks seem to be lamenting the "lost days" of
harp-l, I thought maybe a round of innocuous fun in the form of "what's
in your CD player" might be in order.Allow me to kick it off....
                 (on shuffle)   disc 1 "The Essential Little Walter" -
MCA Chess
                                    disc 1&2 "Paul Butterfield Blues
Band-An Anthology" - Elektra
                                                 The Dave Brubeck
Quartet-"Time Out" - Columbia
                                                 The Boneshakers- "Book
of Spells" - Pointblank

   The back to back juxtaposition of LW and Butter is very entertaining
and instructive.The linear progression from LW's swing influenced style
to Butterfields rock and jazz really stands out when heard together.This
particular Boneshakers Cd is one that I never tire of - great band!
Brubeck is an all time classic that should be required listening for any
musician regardless of genre.What pleases me most about this group of
CDs is that they were chosen by my 29 year old son visiting for the
holiday. I guess I did something right raising that boy!

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