Re: Diatonic handedness question

>From: fjm <2738540@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Every other left handed person
>I've ever met plays flipped, numbers down.  Is there anyone else on the
>list that employs this grip?  Personally if I had it to do over I think
>I would have either played flipped which is how I started out or
>switched to righthanded, holding left cupping right. fjm

I'm left-handed.

I hold the harp in my left hand with the numbers up.

I will sometimes consciously hold it in my right hand so I can use my left 
hand for effects.

Like many things about the harp, I did this instinctively . It wans't until 
I read threads about this on Harp-L that I began to think more about my grip 
on the harp and its effect on my tone.

Thanks again to the many contributors to this subject on Harp-L for yet more 
great information.


Another of the many many things of I learned on Harp-L.

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