recent outage

Our apologies for the recent long pause of harp-l.  Our host, Value Price
Hosting had one of their disks crash.  This took out our list and although
we were backed up much of the configuration for the list and various
ancillary functions, demime, was lost.  Digest subscribers will notice
that html has made a return to their daily offering.  Steps are being
taken to correct this.  It has been observed that this is not garply,
quite correctly I might add.  At no time were we unable to contact the
powers that be at VPH.

Harp-l struggles on in fits and starts, I'm sorry for the momentum we've
lost but realize that the list belongs to you.  The responsibility for the
content rests solely with the subscribership.  We are what you post,
nothing more nothing less.  I'm looking forward to continuing on in our
11th year, archives are still in the offing.  Finally if anyone has any
suggestions regarding improvements to harp-l please do reply to this
message, any and all ideas always considered.

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