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>  unfortunately, i don't know much about harp players still living/playing 
> in the Chicago area, which is what i think you were asking about. but since 
> the subject of "Chicago-style" players has come up, let me mention one name 
> i think NEVER gets enough recognition: Paul Oscher.
>   he lives in Cali, but sometimes you can catch him around the country. the 
> man is a harp monster as well as a good guitarist, pianist, bass harp 
> player, and maybe more, i don't know. not to pigeon-hole him as a 
> Chicago-style guy, but he can certainly resurrect Little Walter in your ears 
> and more. anyone who loves harp should have one of his CDs, or better yet, 
> should hear him play live.
> and p.s. -- congrats to Ryan (who's a wicked harp blower himself!) and his 
> wife on the new addition...
>         --Jp

I agree, 

Paul Oscher is a serious harp player. I saw him about a year ago here in Lake 
Worth and he was great. he came on stage as a one man band and took over. 
Serious slide/ guitar work (He sounds like Muddy), great harp playing (Nails 
Little Walter's tone), as well very solid piano playing (Can lay down Roosevelt 
Sykes feel easily); whatever Oscher wants to play in the blues medium, he can 
play it! Oscher in IMHO is one of the best blues musicians around period. If 
Oscher makes a rare appearance within a 100 miles I would advise checking him 


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