Re: Current Chicago Harp Players

R.Hartt said:

>If you mean Chicago style players outside of Chicago it seems every town 
>has an unknown great.


  unfortunately, i don't know much about harp players still living/playing 
in the Chicago area, which is what i think you were asking about. but since 
the subject of "Chicago-style" players has come up, let me mention one name 
i think NEVER gets enough recognition: Paul Oscher.
  he lives in Cali, but sometimes you can catch him around the country. the 
man is a harp monster as well as a good guitarist, pianist, bass harp 
player, and maybe more, i don't know. not to pigeon-hole him as a 
Chicago-style guy, but he can certainly resurrect Little Walter in your ears 
and more. anyone who loves harp should have one of his CDs, or better yet, 
should hear him play live.

and p.s. -- congrats to Ryan (who's a wicked harp blower himself!) and his 
wife on the new addition...


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