Roy Rogers and Norton Buffalo - East Coast Appearence

Just want to get the word out that Roy Rogers and Norton Buffalo will be making a pair of relatively rare East Coast appearances in a couple of weeks.

First, on Friday, June 6th, at the House of Blues, Cambridge (Boston), MA  (according to Pollstar)

And secondly, Sunday, June 8th, at the Billtown Blues Festival, held in Hughesville, PA.  Hughesville is just east of Williamsport.  This festival has consistently presented a great day of blues, and this year will be no exception.  (And yes, I know Pollstar doesn't show this one)

Info on the Billtown Blues Festival at:

Either of these venues offer fans of Roy and Norton in the Northeast an opportunity to see and hear a great acoustic duo.  I'm heading for Hughesville that weekend, because these artists just don't pass this way often enough.

Seneca SC

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