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- --- Bob Roberts <subaruforyou@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Does anyone know if any of the usual suspects (harp sellers) here in
the USA 
have Hering's Vintage Harps in stock?

The Hering Vintage Harps are becoming more and more popular through out the harpin' world.  They've got great response, a beautiful warm tone, and a fine vintage look to them.   That sealed wooden comb might just be one secret to that wam tone.

We've been in constant touch with Hering to supply all of the keys available, however, if you're familiar with Hering, they tend to take their time getting product on the streets.  They are getting much better at that, but they still have pretty substantial delays.

We currently have them in stock in the key of C and, like many of us in the supply biz, we too, are waiting for the rest of the keys to become available.  Rest assured, when they do, they'll go like hot cakes.  I'd look for them right after the holiday.

For now, shop around a little bit and you might get lucky.  Your welcome to check with us at the beginning of the week and we'll be happy to bring you up to date. 


Check 'em out harp fans.  You can't help but dig these new harps.

Keep Harpin'
John Francis,  (The Best Li'l Harp House)
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