Minor Key Jam Tracks

Hi all,
    Practice your minor key chops in three genres.

  We just uploaded three minor key jam tracks in  three different styles to
the Bluesharp.org Online Jam.  "Shining Lips and Swinging Hips" is a good
ol' one-four-five blues, "Drowning in the Mainstream" is a rock song, and
"Had Enough" is a Hip Hop jam.  So come on down to
www.bluesharp.org/jam.html and try something new.

Bill Gausman, Wild Willy G, supplied "Drowning in the Mainstream", from his
recently released album of the same name.  You can see more about the album
at www.smartparts-usa.com/alibi.htm

Jasper Mills came through with another great blues jam, "Shining Lips and
Swingin' Hips", a Sonny Boy "Help Me" jam. You can hear more Jasper Mills at
www.mp3.com/JASPER_MILLS  .

Hip Hop producer Soleternity provided the cool vibe for "Had Enough".  His
work can be heard at www.mp3.com/soleternity .

You still have time to record a solo to "Stormy Blues", and the best jammer
will be on Jasper Mills' next album.

At the end of the jam, the jammer with the most votes wins a Gary Primich
CD, a Jason Ricci, CD, a Mitch Weiss CD, and a Jasper Mills CD.

Hope to see you soon,

     Rick Beall

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