harp depot

a big thanks to all at harp depot.  i had placed an order for jerry portnoy's 
two cds back in february.  i had called once a couple weeks later and was 
told they were trying to find them.  as time went on, i either forgot about it or 
simply assumed they weren't to be found.
so, i was quite surprised the other day when a package from harp depot 
arrived.  both albums had been tracked down...in fact, home run hitter has been 
reissued  (doesn't appear to be any extra tracks).
i enjoyed both albums (the other is in the mood room) a lot.  the harp, 
obviously, is great.  the accompaniment, likewise, is top notch.  what surprised me 
was the quality of the songwriting.  portnoy writes within the blues 
framework, but not everything is a standard twelve bar.  as a lyricist, i thought he 
was really good, with even the funny songs being strong.  he features different 
vocalists, in addition to singing himself.  keep those guest vocalists 
coming, 'cause portnoy is of the magic dick school of singing.
thanks again to harp depot for going the extra mile and finding these albums.

steven j gatorman

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