Re: Where in US are Harp festivals and jams October 2003 - Jan 04

If you are coming to the US in October, may I suggest the King Biscuit 
Festival in Helena, Arkansas October 9-11.  The lineup for this year has 
not been announced yet, but you can keep an eye out for it at
While there are some smaller blues festivals in October and November, 
this is about the last BIG blues festival of the year that I am aware of.
I have not been there for the last 2 years, but in addition to having 
some of the top blues acts and best harp players perform at the 
festival, there have been jams at the Sonny Boy Music Hall, Eddie Mae's 
and on the streets.
All the lodging in Helena is already booked up, but you should be able 
to find lodging in Clarksdale, Mississippi, about 30 minutes away.  The 
Delta Blues Museum is in Clarksdale.  At the Delta Blues Museum you can 
buy the Delta Blues Map Kit put together by Jim O'Neill for about $8US. 
 You can also purchase it on the web at  This 
contains a number of maps and directions for most of the major blues 
sites in the Mississippi Delta.  For example, a short drive south of 
Clarksdale is Tutwiler, where Aleck "Rice" Miller (aka Sonnyboy 
Williamson II) is buried.
For the time of year you are coming, I think this is your best 
opportunity for the ultimate blues experience in the US.
Hope this helps.
Best of luck to you,

Rick B wrote:

>Hi all,
>    Someone by the name of "Robert" sent  an email question
>that I thought you could help with .  He is visiting the US from around
>October 2003 and to January  15 2004, and he wants to stay in the state
>which has the most harp festivals, concerts, and jam sessions.
>I noticed that if he visits  or
> , he will find:
>September 12-14, 2003
>A 3 Day Music Event & Outdoor Party
>Bean Blossum, Indiana
>October 23-25, 2003
>Radisson Inn
>Paramus,New Jersery
>Maybe you guys can help him out with other festivals and jams.  Please email
>him directly at harp@xxxxxxxx  .  (He may not be a member of Harp-L)
>His original email is below
>    Thanks.
>Robert wrote:
>I will go to usa from october 2003 or earlier till january 2004 (
>15.jan.2004 )
>i need advice.
>I would like to be in a STATE ( USA ) where i could get the most
>out of BLUES. I mean i'd like to go to practice coputer sciecce (
>internship and to have a blues FESTIVALS< CONCERTS AND JAM SESSIONS
>can you name a few STATES, from THE MOST full to less 'full' with
>those events or a links would be a great help and please,
>try to reply fast or get someone else do it.
>Thank you very much!
>Rick B
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