Re: Shows with harp on sharing services

Peter Stibrany <stibrany@xxxxxxxx> wrote
on Mon, 12 May 2003 16:16:05 +0200:
> Subject: Shows with harp on sharing services
> Hello.
> I'm big fan of live concerts sharing communities like Etree
> (, Furthur (, and
> others, where users share legal live music. There are lots of unknown
> (for me) bands that gave permissions to share their shows. I am looking
> for bands with harmonica. If you have tips for good bands that
> are hosted on these services, please tell me. One obvious answer would
> be Blues Traveler, that can be found at Furthur Network, but surely there are
> others.

While the "jam band" scene is not for everyone, the ability of
many of these bands to produce fresh and exciting new music,
that is different every time they climb on a stage, is a great
antidote to the repetitive plastic trash being churned out by the
major labels. I'd recommend everyone to check out some of these
live shows; you will find bluegrass, blues, jazz, psychedelic, and
lots of fusion and experimental music.

As far as harp: any older Bela Fleck shows have Howard Levy;
Phish have played several shows with Popper, Sugar Blue (and
I think Carlos del Junco also); Ben Ellman from Galactic plays
both sax and harp.


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