this will prob be "another"Kim Wilson comment

  I have seen Kim play with the Thunderbirds and with some guys that he 
worked with on his last CD; Smoking Joint. One was at a big club; the other 
was at a hole in the wall place called J&J's Blues Bar; both in Ft. Worth.
    Both times he did a lot of things similar to the SPAH 98 video that gets 
mentioned a lot. So for me; he played great. And I have seen Rod Piazza up 
close and personal as well. I felt like both of Kim's performances were 
better the Piazza. (My selective relative judgment; I know.) Kim also signed 
a harp for me and seemed to be very gracious all a round.
    But everyone can be off; including Kim. And what rocks one person's 
world; barely makes waves in someone else's. gh

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