Howard nails it on Praire Home!

      I wanted to thank whoever posted the 'heads up' on the NPR Praire Home
broadcast this past Saturday.
A special thanks to my friends John Christin and Randy Singer for calling to
remind me to tune in on my Radio!

    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Howard Levy guesting with Mr. Keeler's
entourage, it was a first class performance by all. Guitarist-Vocalist Pat
Donahue sounded superb as did all the others in the band.

   Garrison gave Howard some nice features and I especially enjoyed the
gorgeous rendition of Django's "Nuages",
Howard played an A harp in G on that particular song. There was a nice Blues
by Pat, and Howard played some primo "Straight Ahead" cross harp with a real
traditional feel. Ofcourse my favorite was the classic Yiddish swing tune
written in the 30's by: Sholom Secunda for a musical that didn't last too
long...the song: "Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen".

     Howard and the band were totally "meshed" and the results were
"groovalatin"!!!! Bravo Howard!!

Love & Peace
Rob Paparozzi

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