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> Performers have on/off nights, are tired or energized, play inspirationally 
> or dully, are pre-occupied or in the moment - kinda like the rest of us in 
> our everyday lives.
> Kim was captured at his best performing for an audience of harmonica 
> players 
> at SPAH 98 on a video. If you want the unexpected and unplayable, check 
> this 
> vhs tape out. Ordering info should be on the SPAH website.
> The Iceman


       Kim IMHO is one of the best playing today, not because he can play the 
"unplayable", but because he consistently come up on stage night after night 
and play the music the way its supposed to be played. I have more respect for 
someone who can play consistently to what the music demands and not to what 
his ego demands. If I was bandleader I would hire Kim in an instant for a 
singer/harp player because:

1. I know that no matter whatever I get from him it will be right for the 
2. I know I can expect deep level of professionalism from him. 

       Everything that harp player's should aspire towards I believe is 
exemplified by Kim Wilson. His tone, note choice, feel are things that are 
valid for any musician period. The very fact that Kim played "straight ahead" 
shows that he was the pro at that gig. Hats off for doing it right the first 


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