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> Saw Kim Wilson for the first time.  It was last night at Winston's in Ocean 
> Beach for his first set.
> I thought he was clear, articulated well and had great tone and rhythm.  I 
> was 
> set up by other harp players to expect the unexpected the unplayable.  The 
> rare.  I did not hear that. 

Performers have on/off nights, are tired or energized, play inspirationally 
or dully, are pre-occupied or in the moment - kinda like the rest of us in 
our everyday lives.

Kim was captured at his best performing for an audience of harmonica players 
at SPAH 98 on a video. If you want the unexpected and unplayable, check this 
vhs tape out. Ordering info should be on the SPAH website.

The Iceman

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