Re: Harmonica Maintenance Tools

Speaking of going insane, I've often heard that a lot of Dentists "go
suicidal".... Having recently been graced by three Dentists as neighbors,
I've had the occasion to share stories about our work, show tools, discuss
tolerances, etc. Their opinion is that the tolerances I'm working with, with
the reeds and reedslots, are often tighter and more demanding than what they
are going for with teeth. (I've used their interproximal strips, and
actually prefer strips cut from  what seems an even thinner paper available
from micromark).

Anyway, these fellers make a lot more than a "reasonable living"...and if I
try to figure the comparable hourly wages that we're receiving for the
exacting work we each do...uh..."suicidal" doesn't even begin to address the

'Course, I don't have to stand there all day with my hands in someone's
mouth...uh, just in something that goes in their mouth :>))

Rupert Oysler
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> Tim wrote:
> > I use the
> >chisel to remove burs from the edges of reedslots and reeds when I'm
> >with narrowing reedslots.
> A really nice tool for doing this is an interproximal strip. These are
> thin single-sided flexible abrasive strips used for working on
> dentures and the like. You should be able to get them from a dental
> supply company.
> >Is ANYONE making a profit doing this?
> I didn't exactly get rich, but I earned a reasonable living when I was
> doing this full-time. There is no shortage of work for someone who can
> do reasonably priced repairs to a wide variety of harps. Of course, it
> is also a very good way to go insane very quickly...
>  -- Pat.
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