Re: scooped reedplate ? Vince ?

Vince wrote:
>You got it. I do NOTHING to the reedplate as far as scooping. I will explain
>in the next paragraph what I do to the reedplate. I do exactly as you
>explained, I scoop the tip of the reed upwards a tad bit.

What you are calling "scooping" is what others would call "arcing",
"curving" or "voicing" the reeds (the latter term being borrowed from
reed organ terminology.  Most other people seem to use the term
"scoop" to describe an alteration done to the reedplates, this term
being borrowed from accordion and concertina technicians.

There's nothing wrong with making up your own terms and really you can
call these things whatever you want, but it can easily lead to some

 -- Pat.

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