Re: scooped reedplate ? Vince ?

You got it. I do NOTHING to the reedplate as far as scooping. I will explain
in the next paragraph what I do to the reedplate. I do exactly as you
explained, I scoop the tip of the reed upwards a tad bit.

The only thing I do to the reedplate is, I take a small piece of rounded
stainless steel I own (use anything that has a hard rounded tip) and do what
is called "narrowing the slots". That is, using the ball tip to close the
slot that the reedplate sits in. You want to close the slot, just till it is
to small, but not too much. I really don't do this as much as possible, I
just close it till it is about twice as narrow and I leave it alone cause if
you go to far, you have to file it back out till the reed is playable (a
pain in the ass).

I then lower the reeds (after adding the scoop to the tip) and set the reeds
to where they are about level with the top of the reedplate and the adjusted
tip is barely above the reedplate. This makes a Special 20 play about twice
to twenty times tighter.

I don't suggest anyone doing all this cause a well adjusted harp really is
addictive. I sort of want to kick Tim Northcutts ass for teaching me all
this. Till then I just opened the box and started playing the harp (no
mechanics whatsoever). Now I am very dis-satisfied with all my new harps and
I spend most of my time making what I call a "great harp". Since I met Tim
in Memphis I have really been annoyed with the way all harps respond (till I
open the hood).

Vince Cheney

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