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Hey Bobby

I love that tune too. A perfect template for an interesting (not boring)
seven minute song. Two verses of the song, three choruses of harp, each one
in a different "voice", then two more verses of the song - lyrics wrapping
things up to a real emotional conclusion.

The first harp chorus is a C harp in 2nd position - using mostly holes 2 - 5
The second's a G harp in 1st position - using mostly holes 1-3 draw, with
lots of nice "neutral" 3rds and 7ths
The third's still the G harp in 1st position - using mostly holes 8-10 blow,
with the same kind of "between the keys" intonation.
James, in my opinion, has one of the most "vocal" styles ever - and that's
what it's all about.

Hope this helps.

Staggerin' Jim
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> Have just been listening to "James Cotton best of the Verve years".  What
> of harp, what position and how many times does that Man change harps on
> 19 "Back to St. Louis".  Every time I listen to this guy I feel like
giving up
> and going back to Jaw Harp full time.
> Take care
> Bobby
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