RE: Hohner 365

G. Weiser kindly cleared up my confusion about the upper end of my new
Hohner 365:
> The upper end of the 365 MB is a crisscross pattern - 10b - c, 10d -a,
> 11b-e, 11d -b, 12b -g, 12d-d, 13b -c, 13d-f., 14-b-e, 14-d-a, if I'm not
> mistaken.
> It's also fairly challenging to get the hang of. I wrote some exercises
> for the the shorter 364 MB in my book "Irish and American Fiddle Tunes
> for Harmonica,"
> and arranged around 20 tunes for it as well in the book. Hint: slow airs
> are a whole lot easier on the thing than jigs and reels.

More great info on the 365!  I was unable to find the 365's note layout at
the usual spots (both Hohner sites Coast2Coast, Harp Depot).  Now I can see
why the thing is a bit "difficult" up at the high end.  It is sure is sweet
down low, tho'.

Maybe I should have gone or the SBS.  The 365 does work well for my intended
purpose of playing Rice Miller-style low-keyed harp tunes. I love chugging
down on the low end to create some neat rhythms, too.

Thanks, Glenn!


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