Rainer Ptacek

Virtually no harmonica content here.  Rainer is by far my most favourite
blues performer of the modern era.  Expanding the boundries of the genre
instead of becoming penned in by the 1 4 5 of it all.  I listen to his
music baffled that he's not a famous man by now.  Currently only really
heard of in Europe and Tucson.  Any other cultists out there?  If I had
to pick one recording it would be the Farm.  Recorded in the last weeks
of his life as the cancer that took his life was finishing its job. 
Droning and trance like, woven bass lines in minor keys.  Rainer had
already had brain surgery and chemotherapy by this time.  He'd
essentially had to relearn the guitar after the surgeries.  Mostly just
one man and a National steel guitar, I'm flummoxed by the genuis of his
vision and startled the world hasn't yet discovered his music.  fjm

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