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> i recently herd a cd on the radio by a band called doug demmings and the
> jewell tones. the harmonica player really caught my ear, he had a very
> fresh  sound and his solos were quite interesting. not the same old
> rehashed licks  over and over. does anyone out there know who the harp
> player is in this  band and where they are from? thanks

This posting is a bit perplexing, as the harmonica player with Doug Deming 
and the Jewel Tones, when the recording was made, was Brian Miller.

Common name, perhaps?

Brian is one of the underrated and underappreciated harmonica players from 
the Detroit area. I used to be in a band with him - Beale Street Blues Band, 
in which I played keyboards, but we did do some absolutely killer 2 harmonica 

Brian Miller was heavily influenced by Rod Piazza. Brian had a truly "Holy 
Grail" vintage tone and worked hard and long on his harmonica technique.

Unfortunately, personal health problems and "political" maneuvering by Doug 
Deming regarding his side men lead to major frustration, and Brian sold off 
all his equipment and gave up playing - a real loss to the harmonica 

The recording was produced by Rick Holstrum, the guitar player from Rod 
Piazza. After the recording was made, Rick took the bass player and drummer 
from Doug Deming's band for himself, leaving Doug to reformat with a new 
rhythm section.

Dave Morris is currently the harmonica player in this band. He did not appear 
on the CD. 

Having heard this band many times and having played with them when we backed 
up Johnny "Yard Dog" Jones at the Handy Awards in Memphis (a winner of best 
new blues artist of the year - Johnny is a great singer/songwriter/guitarist 
and Harmonica player himself), I concur with Sloopy Joe's comment "They're 
good technically, but no soul."

The Iceman

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