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Hi Vince

Two or three places to try for brass or steel rod.
Model shops usually have a rack of the stuff in all sorts of sections.
Home Depot and suchlike also stock some of this stuff
Another place is an Art hobby shop.

These are a much better option than going to manufacturers.  We could only 
get stainless steel spring wire for the Renaissance Chromatic by going 
direct to a major supplier.   Minimum was 200yards...  as we use 6" per 
spring that means we have enough for another 1200 Rennys.  ie, we have 
supplies for another hundred years :))
OH!... no, that's wrong... we supply a spare spring  with the kit... it's 
only 50 years... Damn, have to be careful about waste.

Douglas Tate
Partner with Bobbie Giordano
Purveyors of the Renaissance Chromatic
ILUS Harmonicas

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>Pat, I use a trick that Tim Northcutt showed me in Memphis. I take the tip
>of the reedplate and put a small scoop on the tip. Then I narrow the slots
>and drop the reed down in the slot a little (the reed sits down inside the
>slot) with the tip barely scooped upward. After a LOT of practice, it
>results into a very responsive harmonica. Sure you ruin a couple of harps
>till you get it right, but it's worth it. Now I haven't ruined a harp in
>several months and I have set-up about 20 of them. I only "scoop" the reeds
>on the harps I am performing on and the ones I record with. I'm not real
>picky while I am just jamming.
>I also am looking for a small brass rob that I can use to adjust the reed
>offset with too. Something similar to the reed offset tool with the LO kit.
>Anyone that can get me a small brass rod, please help.
>Vince Cheney
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> > Vince wrote
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> > >Exactly where can I find a piece of small brass rod (to make an offset
> > >tool), something to easily scoop the reeds,
> >
> > Scoop the ~reeds~???
> >
> > In what sense are you using the term "scoop"?
> >
> > >and a file and stuff for tuning
> > >and etc.
> >
> > Forget the file. Get something like this:
> >
> >
> >
> > Much cheaper than a good quality file and much less likely to mess up
> > your reeds. You can usually pick these up individually at most hobby
> > stores, but if you are a real cheapskate, you could just use a folded
> > piece of wet&dry paper.
> >
> >  -- Pat.
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