Re: Gibson Skylark

I have a late 1950's Skylark (white Tolex cover). They are great little amps
about 5 watts and I have been told they are Gibson's equivalent of a Fender
Champ. They crank for their size but their real beauty lies in how they
break-up at low volumes. I read that the ones with white Tolex from this
period are better than the black ones they switched to in the 60's but I've
never tried one of them so I can't confirm this.

Words can't express how much I love this amp for practice with my JT30
hooked into it. I have to baby it with my Bullet with regards to feedback
but once I find that sweetspot my spine tingles.

I paid about $80.00 for mine. It was a bit worn on the Tolex and some
mindless idiot used a Brillo pad to clean the chrome plate at some point and
removed most of the black print (there is a special hell waiting for that
person I am sure). I bought another one on Ebay recently for $120.00 because
my friend in Australia said to get him one at any cost. Can you believe it
was another one that had been butchered with a Brillo pad!? These people
must be taking crazy pills or else there is some kind of Jack the Ripper for
Gibson amps out there on the loose.

If you are looking for a clean sound I don't know that this is the amp for
you. If you want a honking little madman... go for it.

hope this helped.

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> Subject: Gibson Skylark
> Anybody have any experience with the Gibson Skylark amp ? Is it good for harp
> ?
> Jim
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